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Growing up is difficult enough on its own without the added pressures of anxiety and depression meds. On the surface, Noel Casey seems like any young aspiring music writer, struggling to transition from awkward teenager to…slightly less awkward adult. But under the surface lies a growing disquiet.

His mom is an eccentric artist, an alcoholic with a wildly inappropriate sense of humor. His dad is a self-absorbed booking agent, divorced from Noel’s mom and married to her younger sister. And then there’s Jolia Getz: Noel’s best friend, co-worker and secret crush. Too bad she only sees him as a brother.

Something has to give.
And then it does.

Follow Noel Casey on his sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking road to self-discovery──and his quest to create the perfect playlist.

With his beautifully written debut novel, author Nico Diaz tackles an array of controversial issues while never straying far from his distinctly wry narrative voice. Blue Dream Playlist is a coming-of-age story that will stay with you long after the music stops.

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