Album review: Wasted Days EP by Made Violent

New York Rockers Channel The Strokes On Debut EP

With the abundance of mundane music made by subpar acts, it’s refreshing to discover an exciting new band. With their five-song opus, Wasted Days, Made Violent delivered what has become my favorite EP of 2015. All killer, no filler. Loaded with sugar-punk hooks and singer Joe White’s guttural wails, these boys from Buffalo will draw the inescapable comparisons to the Strokes—that was my first impression upon seeing them play live. But then you move past the comparison, if only begrudgingly, and begin singing along because their songs are that good.

The title track, “Wasted Days”, walks a fine line between angsty and catchy, lyrics about adolescent nihilism (“No, I don’t want to change / Don’t want to do anything!”) set to an infectious melody. Extremely infectious. In fact, this winning combination is pervasive throughout the EP. “On My Own”, “Inside Out” and “Two Toned Hair” could easily be pushed as singles. Songs about restlessness rarely feel as care-free as they do here.

Made Violent are currently touring the States with Wolf Alice and Drenge. Trust me: GO.


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